Thursday, December 30, 2010

Year end post -2010.

This post comes as a customary act :)

My parents/wife/brother/anni everyone thinks/says that 2010 wasnt such a good year from a personal front. But i dont beleive it completely...

My brother and his family met with an accident and escaped miraculously on Jan-3rd 2010.
When everyone saw the accident as a bad omen, i saw how miraculosuly they escaped without any major injuries when the car was crushed and wasnt usable anymore.

My dad fell from steps and broke his head during April-2010. But i really was surprised at which he missed the sharp edges of the wooden shoe stand so that his head injury was minimal. For his age he didnt fracture any bone. This incident happen at 4:30am, he was bleeding continously & ed. He couldnt get up and alert anyone. I was surprised at how some instinct of my mom made her wake up and see my dad in the steps within 5 mins of his fall, so that he didnt lose much blood which would have had more harmful effect.

My wife's ankle swelled and she couldnt walk from June-2010. She had to undergo medication for almost 3~4 months for nothing as doctors couldnt diagonose the reason for swelling and they kept trying to understand the reason. She is almost bedrid from August2010 till now. Doctors keep referring to other doctors and we almost visited 5 doctors. But ThankGod we met a doctor named Krishnamurthy at last who was able to diagnose her ankle and found the reason and she started taking medication from Oct-2010 and she is getting better everyday now.

Its been a year filled with more hospital visits, doctor consultations etc etc.
Its terrible than how i have put things here ...

I agree that these are not good things to happen, but cant we be satisfied that nothing went adverse. Instead of cribbing and whining about things that had happend which is not in our control, we can control on how we take things, our thoughts and try to be positive. Why not thank the god for the miraculous escape, thank the god for waking my mom at 4:30am, thank the god for showing us a doctor who was able to identify the problem.

Other than that learnt to Swim, a long pending TO-DO item.
Went to Girivalam and planning to continue this as much as possible.
I have started taking work less seriously and trying to spend more time with wife & kid.
Started following NBA again.
Realized that we cant be always on our friends side after we understand that what he is doing is not right and keeps doing the same thing even after you tried to explain him a 100 times.
Planned to learn to play a musical instrument which didnt happen.
Planned to change the car - didnt happen.
Wanted to quit software job (may sound silly) - didnt happen.
Wanted to learn to whistle - didnt happen :)

Wish 2011 infuses more mental strength, healthy mind & body, positive thoughts & attitude.

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Chiju said...

:) Read this one very late. But, i wish you all the best to learn that instrument and to whistle. :)